So much to tell, and then again, not so much! I am an entrepreneur, a certified coach, and a life-long student enrolled in the School of Life. I have a passion for small business. Engaging in conversations with small business owners excites me. It is a joy for me when I can be a small part of others’ successes.

Aside from entrepreneurship, I enjoy encouraging others to better health and wellness. I have lost 95 lbs. over the past 11 months. I have followed my own path to better health, which is so typically me. Not a radical, but more of a moderate in terms of my eating habits, and in most things. I am 48 years old, and find that I am searching for a new direction… I have always beaten my own path, though I find that sometimes the path beats you. Time to start a new path, I say! Here I go….


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  1. Lori, I am so proud of you! You can do this. Putting yourself first, I am sure, is something very hard for you to do, but you would be the first to offer this same advise to somebody else. Become your own biggest fan, invest in yourself and before you know it you will find that big ole chuck of cheese that you are searching for! = )

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