Aged Cheese and Found Money

Have you ever reached into the pocket of a coat that you haven’t worn since last year, and found a $20 bill? Great feeling isn’t it? Found money. It’s even sweeter than it was when you first put it away. It might have been set aside, but it was there all along waiting to be rediscovered.

When looking for new cheese- or a new life, business, career (fill in the blanks)- you might just find that there is a nugget of perfectly aged cheese right there in the pocket of your heart and mind.

Take a look. Is there something -some talent, passion or gift- that you’ve kept hidden from yourself, or tucked aside because of fear? Maybe it’s been a fear of failure. Maybe you lack confidence. Perhaps, just perhaps, you really fear the possibility of your own success. Sometimes when we trot off looking for new cheese, we find that it’s been tucked away in our pockets all along. We are just too afraid to reach in there and get it.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, then get that hunk of cheese on out here! The world needs your brand of cheese! You never know who you will touch, how many lives you will change because you had the courage to step out and take that chance. Do it!


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