It’s All in Your Head…

“I can’t believe it.” (Luke Skywalker) …… “That is why you fail.” (Yoda)

Over the past 11 months, I have lost 95 lbs. When I think about it, it is hard to imagine that this has been accomplished by me of all people. I still have a little bit farther to go to make it to my goal of 106 lbs in one year, but that is really not my point here. Let me back up just a little bit.

During the coarse of about 15 years, I have struggled with losing 15 lbs, then gaining 30 right back. Then losing 30, gaining 60. After a while, I just didn’t believe it could be done. I’ve got a genetic predisposition for being overweight, and began to be resolved to it (or perhaps more accurately, used that as a built in cop-out).

So what happened to change that? I found myself in a desperate position, that’s what happened. It came down, very seriously, to my health. It was no longer a matter of could I do it (lose weight), but that I had to in order to maintain health. With that mindset firmly and finally in place, I set myself to the task of becoming healthy again. For me that meant losing a tremendous amount of weight. I got started in mid-September 2009 with a starting weight of 236 lbs. and a BMI of 43. (Today, 141 and 26.)

Here’s what I learned on my journey, which is still ongoing: It is all in our heads. That sounds very simple, and it is. At the same time, it is oh-so-complex. Not only that, but this issue of mastering our own minds proves to be (oft times) painfully difficult.

Another thing I discovered. With enough determination and a mindset that there is no alternative but to keep pushing through the pain of doing the thing we resist most- doing that which will bring us the most success- it (whatever it is) CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED. It can! I am my own proof of that fact. That is the gold nugget that I cling to in taking the next step forward in my life.

Change your mindset and you can change everything. I not only believe it, I know it. I have the proof staring right back at me in the mirror. Of course, I have to remind myself of it daily, still. Now, I’m off to slay more dragons. As before, it comes down to the have to. That’s where I am. I simply have to make it. My life depends on it.

Here’s another quote for you that I always liked: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” ….That’s not to say that a healthy amount of failure isn’t necessary for ultimate success. But then that’s for another post. I’ll address failure another time…

Until then, much success! Lori A Moore, CTACC


2 responses to “It’s All in Your Head…

  1. Courtney Henderson

    I totally agree that soooo much is in our heads! Our thoughts account for so much of our lives. I have been aware of that in a new way as well.

  2. Congratulations, Lori, on your choice for a healthier lifestyle with your weight loss. You managed to quiet the voices that kept you from your weight goals in the past, and gained a valuable life lesson about how to move forward with a different mindset.

    Way to go!

    ~ Patricia

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