What is “New Cheese” and Why Am I Looking For It?

If you’ve never read “Who Moved My Cheese“, you should. Cheese is a metaphor for what you are chasing. It’s about life, and dreams, and whatever “Cheese” happens to be for you. Maybe it’s your aspirations to own a large corporation. Perhaps you want to do something to change the world around you. The point is that no matter what “Cheese” is to you, along the way something will happen to change your course. Something or someone will come along to upset your applecart as well as your best laid plans. Who Moved My Cheese is a book about dealing with that shift in the road, or total upheaval if that’s where you happen to be. This is where I got the idea for my blog. I need to find new cheese. Right now.

I, like so many others, have come to a roadblock in life. After nearly five years in constant, life-altering transitions with each new change coming swiftly on the heals of the last, I am hoping I have finally hit the bottom of the precipice I feel as though I’ve been falling from. I think I’ve been told at least three times in the past three years, “Well the good thing is, things can only go up from here”. And I would have agreed with them, until I found that I had not yet reached the end of of the downward slope. Funny how we learn some of life’s lessons.

Just the other day, I said, “Will someone please tell me where the bottom is so I can get there just as quickly as possible? I am ready to start the climb back up!” I do continue to look up from where I am, because at the end of the day, I still have hope that things will get better, that I have it in me to make them better. Hope gives us courage to keep moving forward, even one step at time. So I am looking for New Cheese. The old cheese had gotten pretty rotten anyway.

Tell me your story. What changed your course in life? What kind of curve balls has life thrown you? Better yet, how did you sabotage your own dreams, or goals for your life? Did you look for and find new cheese? Or do you need to? As for me, I’m going to go find new cheese. Let the hunt begin! Anyone care to join me?


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